Yes, we also twist Balloons! A menu with 10 popular designs for boys and girls is brought to each event. Great discounted package rates for Balloons and Face Painting available!

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Adults love Face Painting too! Always the most popular attraction at any party, Face Painting is a must have for your next event. And we use only the best! Only FDA approved water based paints, and cosmetic grade glitter for your safety and fun. Our work speaks for itself. You will not be disappointed when you hire Happy Go Henna to paint faces at your next event! 

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What is Henna?

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About The Artist

Henna is a plant based dye that is hand drawn  on the skin in intricate designs for a beautiful temporary body art. The stain lasts up to two weeks. Henna is great for any type of event! Birthday parties, Bridal showers, Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate, School, or Church events - we've done them all. Our henna paste is homemade, always fresh, and organic so it is safe for all ages. Personal appointments and Prenatal henna also available. See "Services" page for pricing! 

*Scroll down for more on history and aftercare!*

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Christina grew up in California and now calls Gilbert Arizona home. She travels often and loves to learn about new cultures. Forever an artist searching for her medium, from instruments and dance to drawing and acrylic paint, she has found her passion in henna. She also paints faces and twists balloons for all types of events in the Phoenix area. In her spare time, Christina also enjoys giving back to her community and you can help! Contact her today for information on how to donate a prenatal henna package to a low-income mother to be.



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Glitter Tattoos

​​Glitter Tattoos are our most versatile service. Great for kids, these bright sparkly tattoos are a favorite among parents because they're quick, they dry instantly and there's no mess! They are applied with a stencil using a safe medical grade adhesive and body safe glitter. They are also water proof and can last up to a week! Glitter Tattoos are great for any events and make a perfect add on service to your henna booking when you know there will be little ones at the event who may want something as well. 

Aftercare is important! To get the best stain from your henna, leave the paste on your skin as long as possible. 4-6 hours, or overnight. When you first take the henna off, the stain will be orange. Your henna will oxidize and darken to it's final color over the next 2-3 days. Watching this slow darkening process is part of the magic of this art! And it is also why if you are getting your henna for a special occasion, you will want to have it done at least two days before :)



​​About Our Services

​Christina (right) at the Portland Rose Festival


​​Henna has been used for so long that no one knows for sure who was the first to discover it! Historians say that this plant has been used for over 5 thousand years for cosmetic and healing purposes. Henna as a body decoration is not 

specific to any culture or religion and has been enjoyed by people all over the 

world, often to celebrate life events. This stunning ancient art has been 

practiced for centuries in Pakistan, India, South Asia, and the Middle East by Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus alike. 

​​​Henna (scientific name Lawsonia Inermis) is a small flowering plant that is used to naturally stain the skin in different beautiful designs. The picture to the left shows the first step in creating henna paste in which the leaves are dried and ground to a powder. Real henna only contains simple, natural ingredients:

lemon juice or water, sugar, and essential oils. Stay away from anything labelled "black henna" as it contains harmful chemicals and in some cases can cause permanent scarring, cancer, even death. (Real henna is never black!)