Happy Go Henna

Balloon Animals

*Great for kids!

*Water Proof

*Dry Instantly - No Mess

*Beautiful Vibrant Colors

*Last up to 5 days

* Little ones won't sit still to let their henna dry?   This is the perfect alternative!

* Add Glitter Tattoos to a Henna or Face Paint party as an additional service for your guests!

Glitter Tattoos - New!!

Aftercare is important.

To get the best stain from your henna, leave the paste on your skin as long as possible. 4-6 hours, or overnight. When you first take the henna off, it will be orangy in color and much lighter than the end product. The stain will oxidize to it's darkest color over the next 2-3 days. Watching this slow oxidization process is part of the magic of this art! And it is also why if you are getting your henna for a special occasion, you will want to have it done at least two days before :)



*Birthday Parties

*School Festivals

*Church Functions

*Corporate Events

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Henna is a small flowering plant.

The scientific name is Lawsonia Inermis. The word "Henna" is used for the name of the plant as well as the art. The above picture shows the first step in creating henna paste in which the leaves are dried and ground to a fine powder. Real henna only contains pure and natural ingredients, usually henna powder, lemon juice and essential oils. The paste is greenish  brown in color and can be used to stain the skin beautifully in all sorts of designs. (Stay away from black henna as it contains harmful chemicals.)


​​The origins and history

of Henna can be hard to trace, but historians say that this plant has been used for over 5 thousand years for cosmetic and healing purposes. The art of Henna as body decoration has been practiced for centuries in Pakistan, India, South Asia, and the Middle East by Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus alike. Contrary to the beliefs of some, the art of Henna is not specific to any religion. Traditionally, it has been used by many cultures to celebrate life events, such as marriage or the birth of a child. 


​Face Painting

Christina Mendez grew up in Southern California and now lives in Tempe Arizona. She travels often and loves to learn about new cultures. Always an artist searching for her medium, from dancing and singing, to instruments, drawing and painting, she has now found it in Henna. She also does Face Painting and Balloon Twisting for all types of events in the East Valley Phoenix area. Christina also volunteers with an organization that aids survivors of human trafficking. This is a very serious issue facing all of our young women of today, and much more prominent than most realize.  If you would like to make a donation to the cause please do so!  ---->

About the Artist

* All Types of Corporate and Private Events

* Fund Raisers

* Birthdays

* Bridal Showers

* Pregnant Belly Henna

* Hourly and Per Design Rates available 

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Watch a balloon turn into a monkey before your eyes! Pirate swords are great for the kids and are always the hit of any party.

**Package rates for Balloons and Facepainting available!**  

(See "Services" for pricing)

Henna Artist in Tempe